Patient Intake Forms – Shifting the burden from YOUR staff to OUR servers

What is wrong with the standard information collection method?


The standard information collection method is not really the simplest way for patients to complete their forms, registration forms, and other important paperwork required prior to and during their treatment with you. Neither is it the most convenient way for you to receive your patients’ information, because:

  • The patient forms continue to grow in length
  • Scanning information or manual entry of data keeps increasing the cost of materials and human capital
  • Patient information forms can create significant backlogs for practices

Most industries in America have smartly shifted to electronic signatures, digitization, text and email for communication, as it has become the easiest way to request and receive paperwork from customers. However, healthcare seems to be one of the last industries that has not gone entirely paperless yet, the reasons being:

  • The industry hasn’t found a simple and secure method for collecting patient data
  • Most portals that can help you get electronic data can be cumbersome, unreliable and have high compliance rates

How Will Patient Intake Forms by Mend Be Any Different or Simpler?


Mend’s robust paperwork automation solution can collect data from ANY healthcare endpoint, and will spare your staff of their manual labor: in a few simple taps, your staff can send the form to the patient on their smart phone. Once the forms are sent, patients receive a text and email with a link to the required information and requested to complete the form before their appointment with you.

Upon clicking the link, they enter a birthdate and are connected to their forms for completion.

  • Since it is all digital, the patient can view the form after completion on their patient online portal. If the patient wishes to correct any of the date or add more detail to it, they can easily do so without the fear of making it difficult-to-read by overwriting or messing the form up.
  • Your staff can avoid considerable backlog in the waiting room, which helps lessen the frustration of the patients and makes the atmosphere less tense for everyone.

Once completed, the forms are sent back to the Mend portal, where they can be reviewed or automatically integrated with your EMR.

Still feeling confused about Mend’s Patient Intake Forms?


How about we help you identify the one pain point that, if streamlined, will boost your organization’s efficiency by leaps and bounds and help them fully realize the impact of digitization?

We all have to start somewhere, let this be your starting point: Fill this online form for us, and let us Mend your problem so we can say hello to a whole new, convenient and quicker healthcare industry that offers countless considerable benefits like:

  • Increased patient engagement leading to improved customer experiences
  • Less manual labor resulting in higher staff satisfaction and lesser fatigue.
  • Generation of more word-of-mouth about your practice hence increased customers
  • Increased and real time access to consulting facilities for patients
  • Boosted online reviews