Telemedicine Pricing

Telehealth, Appointment Reminders, Digital Health Forms, & Patient Self-Scheduling

Mend delivers the highest return on investment in the industry. Our telemedicine pricing is extremely competitive and it actually works. Your visits will happen and forms will get completed early because our software platform is the best. Get an enterprise-class solution at an extremely competitive price point.

Features Always Included on the Mend Platform

  • No complex registrations, logins, or software downloads to connect
  • Any device/mobile friendly
  • Instant support
  • After-hours support
  • Secure messaging, internal & external
  • Payment capture
  • Co-branding & white labeling*
  • Robust reporting
  • Multilingual (4 languages)
  • Patient status / labeling

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$ No-show Reduction Opportunity Across Visits

Based on the data provided you are currently losing $ in revenue annually due to no-shows leaking visits. That breaks down to $ in revenue per month across missed appointment slots. There is currently a significant business opportunity to help more people.

Mend offers numerous solutions to reduce no-shows including telehealth, automated appointment reminders, patient self-scheduling, and patient self-rescheduling.

Reducing no-shows to zero is unlikely, but single-digit no-show rates are possible. When you implement solutions to reduce your current no-show rate to %, %, or % that would equate to $, $, or $ respectively in annual revenue. If the majority of your expenses are fixed, that revenue will fall directly to the bottom line.

Save up to $ with Telemedicine

Telemedicine is a great way to reduce no-shows and keep patients engaged in their treatment. Patient compliance rates increase dramatically, and no-show rates fall to the single-digits when utilizing the Mend platform.

If you captured 10% of your no-shows through a telehealth program that would be worth $ annually. If you added only 5% in new capacity through telehealth to capture after hours, cancellations, or visits currently being done for free that would equal $ in new revenue per year.

$ Digital Forms

Paper forms are an inconvenience to both patients and staff. First, the patients complete the forms on a clipboard and then the staff has to input all of this data into the EHR manually. If we assume that 25% of your visits per year include only pieces of paper and each piece of paper costs you $7 in staff time, errors, and supplies the financial impact would be $ per year.

Mend can digitize your forms to work on any device. Once the forms are complete, we can move them directly into the EHR.