Mend Telemedicine Software Consistently Reduces No-show Rates

Mend Telemedicine Software Produces 90-98% Compliance Rates

Mend studied a large volume customer over three months across 15,378 virtual visits. The compliance rate was 90.83% even under large volumes of virtual visits. This customer also specializes in behavioral health, which typically produces 30-40% no-show rates when encounters are scheduled in-person.
Over the same three months an additional 6,338 telemedicine software visits were studied across multiple specialties. Visit compliance was an astounding 93.91% when Mend telemedicine software was used.
With 21,716 total visits studies, the compliance rate was 92%. Compliance rates in the study ranged from 86-98% utilizing the Mend telemedicine software. No-show rates average 23% in the United States and across the globe. When Mend’s patent pending telemedicine software is utilized, no-show rates average 8% or less.
Other telemedicine software products do no perform at the same success rates. Often times the rate of technical failure is beyond a typical no-show rate and as high as 3 out of every 4 visits experiencing a technical difficulty with little to no support.

The #1 HIPAA secure telemedicine software sends no-show rates into the single digits.

Mend’s telehealth software is the easiest platform for patients and providers. Click, and it just works! Often times we are the second or third telemedicine platform because the other options don’t meet your expectations for workflows. Make Mend your first and final telemedicine software company.
No Software No Logins Any Device Full Reimbursement Support
* Full Reimbursement Support *
* No Software *
* No Logins *
* Any Device *
  • Patent Pending Click-to-Connect Technology
  • Audio/Video & Messaging Visits
  • Screen Sharing & Canvas
  • Mobile Friendly
  • Multiple Kiosk Modes So Providers Can Be Remote
  • Paperwork, Payment, & Other Workflows
  • Transfer & Queue
  • Patient Scheduling
  • 100% Multilingual Patient Education & Support
  • Telemedicine Reimbursement Consulting & Support
  • Co-branding & White Labeling
  • Robust Reporting
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How many Providers do you have?

What is your current No-show Rate?

Revenue lost to no-shows

Monthly Lost Revenue: $77,700

People We Could Have Helped: 1,050

Annual Lost Revenue: $932,400

People We Could Have Helped: 12,600

* Calculator assumes a visit is worth $74 on average.