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The average no-show rate is 23% across the globe. For a 10 provider practice, that equates to at least $857,808 in lost revenue annually.

Mend is solving the no-show problem by changing the way we communicate and engage with patients. Text and email reminders, patient self-scheduling, patient rescheduling, and telemedicine are increasing compliance keeping patients healthier while providing instant revenue growth.
Mend is a telehealth company. We offer a customized platform including telemedicine, appointment reminders, patient scheduling, and digital patient intake forms to take existing workflows and processes to the Web. Simply put, Mend can increase patient volume, close gaps in care, and automate your workflow while enabling you to increase revenue, reduce overhead, and save time.

Mend is truly dropping no-show rates into the single digits creating hundreds of thousands and millions in new revenue while increasing patient compliance and keeping them out of the emergency room.

Common Problems Mend Solves Through Our Telemedicine Platform

The problems in the healthcare industry are universal. Patient information is provided manually on paper and via phone, both of which require expensive human capital to manually input data into clinical and billing systems. It’s time to modernize healthcare communications with the #1 telehealth software platform.

Stop wasting human resources on manual data entry work that could be better applied to patient experience, care and outcomes. Mend is the leading amongst telehealth software companies, and we can easily replicate and simplify manual workflows with digital processes.
Are any of these problems plaguing your healthcare organization?

How Mend works:

  • Click A Link To Connect

    1Click A Link To Connect

    With just the click of a link, Mend creates a secure connection to share video, files, photos, messages, data, reschedule an appointment, or collect forms. Patients can use any smartphone, tablet, or computer because logins and special software are not required.

  • Easy, HIPAA-compliant Video

    2Easy, HIPAA-compliant Video

    Our HIPAA compliant audio and video is the foundation for reimbursable services. With Mend, you can be confident that your data is HIPAA secure. We meet or exceed all of the U.S. government’s requirements without compromising ease-of-use.

  • Appointment Scheduling, Rescheduling, & Reminders

    3Appointment Scheduling, Rescheduling, & Reminders

    No show rates are 20-40% globally. Intelligent email, SMS, and voice appointments reminders and links that allow patients to modify their appointments 24/7/365 without staff intervention will drastically decrease no-show rates and instantly grow revenue. By offering true patient scheduling that is fully integrated with your PM, you can now book business around the clock.

  • Digital Patient Intake Forms

    4Digital Patient Intake Forms

    Mend can help collect patient intake and other forms seamlessly from any device that can access the Web. Mend can automate consents, medical histories, photos of drivers licenses, insurance information, medications, reimbursable assessments, case management documentation, outcomes data, surveys, or any other piece of information you want to collect quickly and securely.

  • Messaging & File Sharing

    5Messaging & File Sharing

    Text, photo, and file sharing between providers and patients is quick and easy with Mend. Communicating within your organization or with patients has never been easier. Plus, providers maintain full control over when a messaging encounter begins and ends.

  • Full Bidirectional Integration for Automation

    6Full Bidirectional Integration for Automation

    Mend’s cutting-edge integration technology can be applied to just about any EHRs or practice management system for telehealth, patient scheduling, appointment reminders, or paperwork. Options include PDF, fax, HL7, SFTP, API, and even AI integration capabilities.

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The #1 HIPAA secure telemedicine platform sends no-show rates into the single digits.

Mend's telehealth software is the easiest platform for patients and providers. Click, and it just works! Often times we are the second or third telemedicine platform because the other options don't meet your expectations for workflows. Make Mend your first and final telemedicine software company.
Applying for a Telehealth grant? Mend has expertise and can assist with HRSA, USDA, FCC, FQHC, & other government telemedicine grant programs.
Full Reimbursement Support No Software No Logins Any Device
* Full Reimbursement Support *
* No Software *
* No Logins *
* Any Device *
  • Audio/Video & Messaging Visits
  • Screen Sharing & Canvas
  • Mobile Friendly
  • Multiple Kiosk Modes So Providers Can Be Remote
  • Paperwork, Payment, & Other Workflows
  • Transfer & Queue
  • Patient Scheduling
  • 100% Multilingual Patient Education & Support
  • Telemedicine Reimbursement Consulting & Support
  • Co-branding & White Labeling
  • Robust Reporting
  • Patent Pending Click-to-Connect Technology
Your telemedicine platform technology partner should help you drastically reduce no-shows & cancellations. However, other platforms struggle to get patients connected and provide minimal support if any. When you partner with Mend, your telehealth no-show rate should be 8% or less and your connectivity rate will be 99% or higher.
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To do Telehealth correctly, you need more than just the best telemedicine software. You need the #1 telemedicine company that will help you every single step of the way.
The Benefits of a Telehealth Platform and Return on Investment (ROI)

SMS, Email, & Phone Reminders, Reschedules, & Patient Self-Scheduling

SMS, Email, & Phone Reminders, Reschedules, & Patient Self-Scheduling
  • 📅Add smart text, email, and phone call appointment reminders to crush no-shows.

    A 25% no-show rate plagues healthcare across the globe. Our state-of-the-art technology sends appointment reminders via text message, phone, and email automatically.

    Learn the secrets below to acheiving a single digit no-show rate. This isn't hype! This is the future and our revolutionary technology delivers instant revenue growth.

    Automatic mobile number lookup: Perhaps you only have phone numbers and aren't sure if the numbers are mobile. The Mend platform is designed to automatically check if a number is mobile or a landline.

How many Providers do you have?

What is your current No-show Rate?

Revenue lost to no-shows

Monthly Lost Revenue: $77,700

People We Could Have Helped: 1,050

Annual Lost Revenue: $932,400

People We Could Have Helped: 12,600

* Calculator assumes a visit is worth $74 on average.

Text & email reminders move no-show rates to 11-18%

90% of text messages are read within 3 minutes. We will text and email or email and call so there are always multiple touches, eliminating the possibility of your patients forgetting their appointments. Texting is the first secret to drastically reducing no-show rates. 97% of Americans text. Expect text message reminders to move your no-show rate to 11-18% equaling $370,000 in new revenue for a 10 provider group averaging $74 per visit.
SMS, Email, & Phone Reminders, Reschedules, & Patient Self-Scheduling
  • Your organization name and logo in every touch point
  • Confirmations include calendar invites
  • Day of the week, date and time
  • Four languages
  • Provider and location names always included
  • Hyperlinks to Google Maps
  • Customizable from and reply to
  • Add custom text at the beginning or end of the emails
SMS, Text Messaging, Email, & Phone Appointment Reminders

Easy rescheduling that is integrated can further reduce no-shows by 2-8%

We all lead busy lives and the single biggest reason why patients no-show is conflicts or other reasons why they are not able to make the scheduled appointment. Use Mend to make it easy for patients to modify their appointments 24/7/365. Patients will love the convenience and you'll love the instant revenue growth from the reduction in no-shows. If you make it easy for patients to modify their appointments, expect another 2-8% reduction in no-show rates. For a 30 provider practice averaging $74 per visit, that's at least $560,000 in new revenue.
Reschedules, & Patient Self-Scheduling

Patients that self-schedule are 50% less likely to no-show

77% of patients want online self-scheduling. 89% are going to choose their healthcare organization based on conveniences like texting, self-scheduling, and rescheduling. You haven't offered self-scheduling yet because you haven't seen a solution that accounts for all the decision points staff have to go through to book the patient appropriately, easy enough for patients to navigate, or fully integrated with your PM schedule. Well, we have good news for you. Patient self-scheduling is now integrated, easy, and accounts for all the decisions staff needs to make to get the patient to the right provider, location, and appointment type. When patients can self-schedule they are 50% less likely to no-show.
Patient Self-Scheduling

Mend telemedicine visits consistently average single digit no-show rates

Telehealth visits on the Mend platform consistently produce single-digit no-show rates because our technology is the easiest and we provide instant support on your behalf if a patient ever has trouble connecting.
The path to single digit no show rates is now a clear reality. Text and email reminders, easy reschedules, patient self-scheduling, and telemedicine software are the keys to instant revenue growth and helping more patients each and everyday. Reducing no-shows means hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars in instant top-line growth.

Patient Communication & Engagement On Steroids – Electronic Patient Intake Forms

Pick A Side - Eliminate Manual Data Entry
One piece of paper can cost as much as $5+ in human capital, errors, etc. Patient intake paperwork and forms cost $45-$50 per patient on average
Engagement that no other telehealth company or patient portal can solve for your healthcare organization...
Digitize ALL Of Your Intake Paperwork, Patient Payments, Forms, Consents, & Phone Calls
Let us develop customized electronic patient intake and other form workflows to fit your existing processes. We do all the heavy lifting, and you reap the rewards.
You Got Into Healthcare To Help People, Not To Chase Paper Intake Forms All Day
As many as 60% of referrals go unscheduled because of paper, mail, and fax resulting in the loss of hundreds of dollars for each missed patient.
Providers fill out an average of 20,000 forms every year and spend 16.6% of their time on non-patient-related paperwork creating an opportunity cost of $250,000 per year.
Leveraging technology and adequately utilizing automation can add the equivalent of 2.34 FTEs for each full-time physician and increase RVUs from 5,750 to 8,250. The addition of 2,500 RVUs annually can generate as much as $550,000 in additional revenue per year, per physician — without extra overhead.

Mend ROI - The Smart Business Decision

How many No-Shows, Cancellations, and/or Missed Visits per day?

Missed Revenue Opportunity

How many pieces of Paper do you transcribe, file, and/or scan per day?

Wasted Staff Time

How many Secure Messaging visits per day?

Incremental Revenue

How many Patient/Client visits per day?

Clinical Assessment Revenue

Paperless Automation

Paperless Automation
  • 🖥Mend can digitize and automate any paper or phone workflow that requires manual effort.

    Patient intake form examples: Referrals, orders, leads, demographics, insurance, credit card, agreements & consents (e-signature & multi-signature forms), medical histories, and more.

    Clinical form examples: HPI, ROS, delivery of clinical summary/education back to patients, satisfaction surveys, and more.

    Other examples: treatment plans, income verification, satisfaction surveys, appointment reminders, photos, videos, and other electronic files.

    Mend is also a fully integrated, bidirectional telemedicine platform with clinical and billing management systems.

Paperless Automation

24/7/365 Leads or Referrals

24/7/365 Leads or Referrals
  • 💸Go Ecommerce and allow referral sources or new patients to engage anytime

    Make it easy for new business to arrive at your door, 24/7/365. Often, when it's the most convenient time for a new patient to call, the line is busy, or it goes to an answering service. Mailing patient intake forms is also unreliable. Some patients book multiple appointments until they find what works best for them, potentially leaving you with a no-show. Make it easy to attract new business and ensure patient engagement and satisfaction with our customized telehealth software solutions!

Patient Messaging Visits

Patient Messaging Visits
  • 📧24/7/365, Ecommerce messaging visits for minor issues and questions

    Visits via messaging are a huge convenience for patients and providers because there are fewer chances for cancellation. They are also a great way to drive revenue with questions or minor issues. Patients can start and pay for a visit from any device. Providers can then use the telemedicine software platform to answer at their convenience.

    You always remain in full control by setting a triage, allowing staff and providers to communicate in a single message, and finally closing out the virtual messaging visit when it's done.

Patient Messaging Visits

Automated, Billable Clinical Assessments

Automated, Billable Clinical Assessments
  • 📝Mend has billable, computerized clinical assessments that don't bottleneck your staff like paper forms

    Our telemedicine platform uses technology to integrate itself with your schedule and EHR so patients can complete their clinical assessments before arriving at the office. Patients complete forms on their mobile devices and Mend puts it right into the chart like magic. They are also scored and include any essential coding information.

    If someone doesn't complete them or have access to a computer or mobile device, we have multiple kiosk modes to accommodate. Assessments can provide additional revenue while also significantly enhancing the patient's records and your health provider's clinical decision making.

Refills Taking 3 Calls or More

Refills Taking 3 Calls or More
  • 💊Scale the pharmacy with less human capital using engagement technology.

    The patient doesn't like playing phone tag, and all the manual work being done over the phone is costing you a small fortune. There is a better way – digital patient intake and order forms!

    Push consents, refills, shipping, and outstanding balances right to the patient's email and mobile 24/7/365.

    Stop wasting so many valuable resources on intake forms, refills, and assessment paperwork - the margins are thin enough. Instead, focus on service, outcomes, and other more productive activities.

Refills Taking 3 Calls or More

How many Refills per day?

Wasted Human Capital

Patient/Member Surveys

NPS, HCAHPS, CAHPS, Health Outcomes Survey (HOS)
  • NPS, HCAHPS, CAHPS, Health Outcomes Survey (HOS), Health Risk Assessment (HRA), & More

    Get feedback from your patients or members easily. We'll prioritize input and provide complete reporting capabilities. Use a survey template or create your own.

    Get instant results from members. We average 75% engagement, and some organizations reach rates as high as 98%. Imagine 10 times the engagement at a fraction of the cost.

    Create dynamic surveys that also push patients or members to leave a review on favorite websites like Google, Facebook, Vitals, Yelp, and more.

Which one do you want? or

Consolidate Multiple Tools

Consolidate Multiple Tools
  • 🛠Too many point-based solutions? Consolidate with Mend and save $$$.

    Consolidating point-based solutions could mean thousands of dollars of savings per month while simultaneously improving the patient experience and simplifying operations for staff.

    Mend can grow with you and support new initiatives involving communication and care.

    Walk by your staff's screens... how many different tabs and applications are open? How many separate logins and monitors do they need to do their job? All of these different point-based solutions create too much multi-tasking, which is destroying productivity and job satisfaction.

Consolidate Multiple Tools

Price - Extremely Affordable

Price - Extremely Affordable
  • 💵An enterprise-grade solution doesn't have to cost a fortune!

    Prices starting as low as $69/month per provider. Our service is unlimited with no backend or hidden fees. Small setup and/or integration fees may apply and are quoted in advance. No one delivers more value than Mend!

    We've created the most robust, easy-to-use, and all-in-one patient engagement solution at the best possible price point available. You don't need a huge budget to get started. Contact us now and we'll get you up and running quickly on the #1 rated telemedicine software company, Mend.

Confidence with Telemedicine Platform

Mend offers the latest in teleheath solutions and trends, enterprise-grade implementation, state-of-the-art infrastructure, and exceptional integration capability.

  • EHR/PMS Integration
  • 99.85% Connect via Video w/o Mend Help
  • 100%
  • English, Spanish, French, Portuguese
  • 3M+ Video Mins/Month

    Seamless EHR/PM Integrations:

    See a full list of supported integrations here.

    • Advanced MD
    • AHS Touchworks
    • AllScripts
    • Amazing Charts
    • American Medical Software
    • Aprima
    • Athena
    • Avatar
    • Bizmatics, Prognosis
    • Care 360
    • Centricity
    • Cerner
    • CPSI
    • Credible
    • CureMD
    • e-MDs
    • e-medsys
    • eClinicalWorks
    • eMD
    • eNotes
    • EPIC
    • Greenway
    • Health Fusion / Meditouch
    • HealthWyse
    • HIS-Netsmart
    • I Patient Care
    • IMS Meditab
    • Intergy
    • Kareo
    • Lifepoint
    • McKesson Homecare
    • McKesson Paragon
    • McKesson PP-LytecMD
    • Medhost
    • Meditech
    • Mediware - Alpha MCS
    • NextGen
    • OCHIN
    • Office Practicum
    • Patagonia
    • Physicians Computer Company (PCC)
    • Praxis
    • Quest Care 360
    • Reli Med
    • RMPS
    • SOAPware
    • Spring Charts
    • SRS Soft
    • WebPT
    • WRS Health

    This is not an exhaustive list. We support HL7, FHIR, CDA, X12, and API integrations. We also have full API end-point coverage for developers.

    See a full list of supported integrations here.
    100% Secure, Confidential, & HIPAA Compliant. Mend is also HITECH Act, E-Sign Act, COPPA, ADA WCAG 2.0, CAN-SPAM, TCPA, & 42 CFR Part 2 Compliant.

    Mend Testimonials - #1 Customer Rated Platform

    "I just wanted to let you guys know that I LOVE MEND. I have had a very busy day today, and by using Mend for my paperwork I have saved so much time. I scheduled my patients for today using the typical time management I normally would, and I found myself with down time between each patient. Normally I am scrambling to get everything done on days like this, but it has been a breeze. The patients have mentioned how much they enjoy it as well. - Sarah H.

    "Mend has allowed us to see twice as many patients in an hour and our patients love the convenience! - John Z.

    "While at work, my daycare sent me a picture of a rash that my daughter developed quickly. I was an hour away and worried. Because my pediatrician uses Mend, I knew I could send him a picture and see what he thought. In under 5 minutes, my pediatrician was able to make a diagnosis and e-scribe a prescription cream to my pharmacy. I didn't have to leave work, I didn't have to make an appointment, and my worries were immediately relieved! - Sally J.

    More comments from real customers and users...

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    Meet the Mend Team

    "In everything we do, we help people lead healthier, happier lives. We do this by revolutionizing the way healthcare communicates— making it easier for everyone. Mend is the highest rated, most robust, easiest-to-use communication and engagement platform ever created." - The soul of Mend

    Matt McBride, MBA

    CEO, Founder

    Brandon Worley

    President, Founder

    Brandon Lassiter

    Chief Technology Officer

    Steve Carbonara

    EVP of Sales

    Warren Bates


    Paul Senzee

    Senior Developer & Architect - Team Lead

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    Service Manager

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    Director of Customer Success

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    Lead Trainer

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    Senior Developer & Architect

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    Senior Developer

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    Thomas Luther Jr

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    Mark Miller

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    Software Engineer

    Christian Oliver

    Market Response Representative

    Melissa Pollard

    Implementation Specialist

    And 10+ other fantastic team members ready to help advance your healthcare organization.

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