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Groups that implement telepsychiatry watch no-show rates fall from 30-40% to single digits for virtual appointments. Technology like Mend allows you to help more people while increasing compliance, outcomes, & alumni.

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Telehealth Psychiatry

Other telehealth psychiatry platforms struggle to get patients connected to their visits. With Mend, almost 100% of visits connect without issue. If the patient cannot join the video, you are not able to help them. On Mend, visits happen!

Our customers average 80% engagement rates with their telepsychiatry digital forms and some groups are as high as 98%. Mend can automate the majority of your paperwork creating massive reductions in overhead and errors. Create digital workflows for intake, clinical assessments, income verification, treatment plans, or any other psychiatry workflow.

The Premiere Telepsychiatry Provider / Service

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The average no-show rate is 23% across the globe. For a 10 provider telepsychiatry practice, that equates to at least $857,808 in lost revenue annually. Telemedicine psychiatry visits on the Mend platform consistently produce single-digit no-show rates because our technology is the easiest and we provide instant support on your behalf if a patient ever has trouble connecting. Your patients will click a secure link, enter their date-of-birth, and they’ll be connected.

HIPAA Appointment Reminders
Patient Self-Scheduling

77% of patients want online self-scheduling. 89% are going to choose their psychiatric healthcare organization based on conveniences like texting, self-scheduling, and rescheduling. Patients click a link on your website which routes them to a custom branded, fully integrated triage and self-scheduling experience. Mend will route patients to the correct time, type, and provider. When patients self-schedule, they are 50% less likely to no-show.

Digital Forms

Your exact forms are custom built into the Mend platform. Based on the type of telepsychiatry services, Mend knows which forms to send automatically. The patient clicks a secure link via text and completes the forms effortlessly before they arrive. The forms then get sent to the EHR. Standard forms for telepsychiatry include intake, consents, treatment plans, scored clinical assessments, income verification, surveys, and any other paper workflow you want automated.

HIPAA Messaging
Secure Messaging

Telehealth psychiatry visits via secure messaging are a huge convenience for patients and providers because there are fewer chances for cancellation. They are also a great way to drive revenue with simple questions or minor issues. Patients can start and pay for a visit from any device. Telepsychiatry providers can then use the Mend platform to answer at their convenience. You always remain in full control by setting a triage, allowing staff and providers to communicate in a single message, and finally closing out the telepsychiatry services messaging visit once completed.

HIPAA Patient Self-Scheduling
Appointment Reminders

Eliminate no-shows by combining email, SMS, and phone call appointment reminders & appointment modifications. 90% of text messages get read within 3 minutes. Mend will text and email, or call, eliminating the possibility of your patients forgetting their psychiatry appointments. 97% of Americans use text messaging. Expect text message reminders to move your in-person no-show rate to 11-18% equaling $370,000 in new revenue for a 10 provider telepsychiatry group averaging $74 per visit.

100% HIPAA & 42 CFR Part 2 Compliant Telemedicine Software for Psychiatry

100% secure, confidential, & HIPAA compliant telepsychiatry platform that works. Mend is also HITECH Act, E-Sign Act, COPPA, ADA WCAG 2.0, PCI, CAN-SPAM, TCPA, & 42 CFR Part 2 compliant.

#1 Instant Patient & Telepsychiatry Provider Support

Mend is #1 customer rated for ease-of-use and customer service. With an average response time of 23 seconds, you, telepsychiatry providers, or patients can get instant support early in the morning or late at night.

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Mend Testimonials

We are the #1 customer rated telehealth psychiatry software.

"Overall it has been a really great experience! Easy, and helpful. I like that I don’t have to worry about whether I’m crossing any HIPPA issues. And everyone I’ve talked to at Mend is really nice and easy to work with."

Bethany D.

"It’s great that I can use it on the computer, tablet and/or iPhone. I’ve used all different modalities and usually find iPhone or tablet works great though I do need the computer for complete functionality. The experience is the closest to a life-like face to face call — there’s no time delay and the image is quite stable for the most part. If I use my iPhone my patients tell me they see me looking directly at them. I love the fact that when my patients travel or when there are snow days I can still “see” them."

Carolyn S.

"We loveeeee Mend! The support reps are great and very knowledgeable. So far I like the fact that is almost self-explanatory; it’s user-friendly. It is very easy to teach others because of the ease of use. I have not found any faults with the software. Everything we have used it for has worked and have not had any problems with it. I love the fact that we can not only use if for telehealth but to send documents securely to patients and third parties. I really love that feature because we so often have patients that can’t get to our office to bring paperwork or forms we need. The best part is that is HIPAA compliant!"

Liza B.